Apr 15

2014-04 Dube Private Game Reserve

Over the weekend of the12th and 13th April 2014, Lindsay and I went away on one of our bi-monthly outings. This weekend we decided to try a new resort we have been eyeing out for a while called Dube Private Game Reserve. Dube is 26km’s north of Brits which from home in Benoni is a lovely 1,5 to 2 hour drive.

What a wonderful resort. One of the nice features, intentional or not, is that the resort appears to be designed around the very luxury grounds which incorporates lovely manicure lawns, and the typical “bush-veld” area which is a slightly rougher camp sight having not so much lawn, but nested beautifully under shady trees almost like you are really tucked away in the bush.

There is a “very basic” shop, a very nice heated pool and an excellent bar area overlooking a waterhole. The bathrooms were very nice and always clean. I would definitely give them a 10/10 for cleanliness.

The reserve is also fantastic. One can either walk or ride around the park with many game species to see. We saw Giraffe, Impala, Eland, Bless-buck and Zebra. Then the bird life was just as good.

Overall, a truly lovely and enjoyable weekend.