Feb 26

Welcome to my blog

Camping in Hogsback, Eastern Cape

Camping in Hogsback, Eastern Cape

Welcome to my Blog.

Many years ago, I started a blog of sorts but using plain html programming via Adobe Dreamweaver. It worked exceptionally well and served it purpose at the time. That part of the website is still operational with all the various posts and outings that we did and you can visit the site by going HERE.

Unfortunately though, it became a bit of a mission to update and the interest waned 🙁

In the meantime, I did some web sites for clubs I belong to and initially used Joomla which I soon began to dislike. I thought I would try WordPress and since then have never looked back. It is just so simple using WordPress and hopefully I will now post our outings on a more regular basis.

The blog is mainly about our outings to various camping and caravaning sites with a couple of other interesting things like Scout events that my children used to be involved with as well as my other hobby, radio ham.

I hope you will look around and enjoy what you see.