Sep 06

2014-08 Swadini and Kruger

As you will have read in previous post about Swadini, it is one of our favourite camping spots, especially during the winter holidays. The weather is always a good 5 to 10 degrees C warmer then Johannesburg and the scenery and solitude is out of this world.

What made this holiday special is that all the kids and their partners were able to join us. No work and varsity commitments opened the way to allow them to come along.

We all left on Saturday 12th and returned on Saturday the 19th. The journey as always was uneventful. There were some issues with the road between Lydenberg and Orhigstad where we basically had to slow to a walking speed and get through some of the potholes.

Apart from that, uneventful.

Swadini as always was out of this world. Only issue we could raise was that the warm pool was not as warm as it normally was during winter. I think the boiler or whatever is a bit on the old side.

We found a fantastic camp site overlooking the stream and with a nice opening. It was wonderful to see the Kudu and bushbuck walking buy. However, the highlight was seeing a bushpig saunter past. We were so unprepared and shocked that we just did not get any photo whatsoever 🙁

Weather wise, the temperatures were perfect. There was one day (Tuesday) where it was 21, but with a bit of a wind. We had been watching the weather and the day before chose this specific day to take a ride through Kruger park.

We left for Kruger park at a reasonable hour for once. We entered the park as the sun was rising. As per usual, Kruger was absolutely out of this world. We came across 3 Leopards although we only really saw 2 of them.It was a mother and two adult cubs. The two cubs we saw extensively. Mom had obviously made a kill that night and the “kids” were now playing with their food. It was an awesome sighting.

We continued on to Satara and then Olifants rest-camp where we spent some time. We had lunch at the new Mug and Bean.I was not really impressed. The same slow service as well as a very expensive lunch. They certainly know they have a captive audience.

Anyway, lets get to some photos: –

Apr 15

2014-04 Dube Private Game Reserve

Over the weekend of the12th and 13th April 2014, Lindsay and I went away on one of our bi-monthly outings. This weekend we decided to try a new resort we have been eyeing out for a while called Dube Private Game Reserve. Dube is 26km’s north of Brits which from home in Benoni is a lovely 1,5 to 2 hour drive.

What a wonderful resort. One of the nice features, intentional or not, is that the resort appears to be designed around the very luxury grounds which incorporates lovely manicure lawns, and the typical “bush-veld” area which is a slightly rougher camp sight having not so much lawn, but nested beautifully under shady trees almost like you are really tucked away in the bush.

There is a “very basic” shop, a very nice heated pool and an excellent bar area overlooking a waterhole. The bathrooms were very nice and always clean. I would definitely give them a 10/10 for cleanliness.

The reserve is also fantastic. One can either walk or ride around the park with many game species to see. We saw Giraffe, Impala, Eland, Bless-buck and Zebra. Then the bird life was just as good.

Overall, a truly lovely and enjoyable weekend.

Feb 26

Welcome to my blog

Camping in Hogsback, Eastern Cape

Camping in Hogsback, Eastern Cape

Welcome to my Blog.

Many years ago, I started a blog of sorts but using plain html programming via Adobe Dreamweaver. It worked exceptionally well and served it purpose at the time. That part of the website is still operational with all the various posts and outings that we did and you can visit the site by going HERE.

Unfortunately though, it became a bit of a mission to update and the interest waned 🙁

In the meantime, I did some web sites for clubs I belong to and initially used Joomla which I soon began to dislike. I thought I would try WordPress and since then have never looked back. It is just so simple using WordPress and hopefully I will now post our outings on a more regular basis.

The blog is mainly about our outings to various camping and caravaning sites with a couple of other interesting things like Scout events that my children used to be involved with as well as my other hobby, radio ham.

I hope you will look around and enjoy what you see.